TasWater, an incorporated company owned by 29 Tasmanian councils, is the sole provider of water and sewerage services to homes and businesses throughout Tasmania.  When formed in 2013, TasWater committed to building leadership capability, driving cultural change and improving productivity across the new business. Their aim to be customer and community focussed has driven TasWater’s commitment to invest in training initiatives, with targeted and customised training being implemented to enhance performance levels, increase efficiency and improve workplace culture.

As part of their hands-on approach to program design, TasWater works closely with training partners and key stakeholders, tailoring their training products to ensure they address key capability gaps and the business’s environment and needs. The company provides a supportive learning environment for all staff that includes coaching, feedback and regular training course reviews.  All training programs are highly practical, engaging and relevant to employees’ roles and of continuing value for both the business and the individual.