Taylor Williams

Australian Capital Territory

Diploma of Government

A Wiradjuri woman from Forbes NSW, Taylor works with a team who are instrumental in fostering cultural and behavioural change at the Department of Defence. Taylor gained employment through the Australian Public Service Indigenous Apprenticeship Programme in 2018 and, after 12 months, had completed a Diploma in Government through the Canberra Institute of Technology and secured a permanent position. It was a life changing experience for Taylor and she learned the importance of reflection; that it is okay to ask for help, and how self-belief can lead to a world of possibilities. 

Taylor hopes that by sharing her story it pushes others to believe in themselves and understand how learning can unlock one’s true potential. Taylor is now continuing her learning journey by undertaking a psychology degree. This was a first for her whole family and was a very proud moment. Her message to others is “be brave, back yourself and who knows what doors may open for you.”

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