Tegan Mossop

Western Australia

Tegan Mossop teaches language, literacy, numeracy and a range of employability and leadership skills to students in remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia’s Kimberley region. Driven by a passion for equality in education, she is committed to enabling people to follow an educational pathway regardless of their background, economic status, gender, race or location.

Using innovative teaching approaches, Tegan develops and re-writes programs to address individual student needs and learning styles. Units are developed that allow students to choose and undertake community projects that help them develop skills while engaging with local organisations, working in teams and undertaking meaningful projects that benefit their community. The success of this approach has resulted in Tegan sharing it with other lecturers and mentoring them in its implementation. Tegan is committed to guiding each person she works with towards their most suitable educational path, supporting them to set effective life goals and further training and work opportunities.

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