Tiffany Heelan

Western Australia

Certificate III in Sport and Recreation

Sports have always been a passion for Tiffany so it made sense for her to enrol in a Certificate II in Sport and Recreation when she was in Year 11, and now she is doing the Certificate III as an Australian School-based Apprentice.

The opportunities and experience that Tiffany gained during her training has had a positive impact on her both professionally and personally. Since beginning her qualification, she has more confidence, and her ability to communicate, teach and learn has grown.

The training Tiffany underwent pushed her to be more organised, challenge herself and be more active in the community, which ultimately earned her the SEDA WA Partner Engagement Award in early 2019.

Tiffany is a WA netball program student ambassador and has worked on personal development programs and fundraising initiatives. She is passionate about helping people to live active and exciting lives.

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