Western Australia

Diploma of Marketing and Communication

Trent Caldwell was looking for a new career that he was passionate about. With an interest in marketing, he enrolled in a Diploma of Marketing and Communication at North Metropolitan TAFE.

Trent fell in love with the course instantly and completed the Diploma with flying colours, although he struggled throughout the year with health problems he obtained following a near-fatal accident which left him in a coma. As a result of the accident, Trent is 28 per cent permanently impaired, which meant he found studying quite challenging at times.

During his studies Trent was interviewed by Jenny Brockie on SBS Insight about youth mental health, and when asked about life now, was able to mention how incredible things are going for him after his vocational education and training journey. He also featured on Channel 10’s series Taboo, where he was one of four participants who spoke about their experience with mental illness.

Trent now manages social media for a real estate agency, as well as designing artwork, looking after the website, and running advertising campaigns. He also manages the Facebook page for WhatsOn Perth, one of the city’s largest events publishers.