Wendy Kennedy

Northern Territory

Wendy Kennedy has more than three decades in the delivery, design and management of English Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) programs in the Northern Territory and Timor Leste.

She is recognised for her experience in design and delivery of accredited and non-accredited, socio-culturally appropriate, place-based contextualised LLN programs.

The first 20 years of Wendy’s career were committed to teaching LLN to Aboriginal people in Western Arnhem land, where she lived and worked. She taught LLN to children and adults and developed strong links with individuals, families and the community, which still exist today.

As a lead member of the Consultative Group on adult Aboriginal LLN, and through successive research interviews, Wendy has demonstrated a deep understanding of the history of LLN practice, policy and programs in the Northern Territory, nationally and internationally.

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