Wendy Lever-Henderson has been working in the community services sector for more than 20 years.

Wendy’s educational leadership skills have included making various alterations to meet student needs and initiating the opportunity for students to complete clinical placements in Broome. Taking students from a regional to a remote environment has broadened their experience and allowed for cross cultural development. This has resulted in an increase of student numbers and doubled the number of diploma graduates.

Wendy believes a student’s ability to successfully complete their studies is as much about the student’s personal development as it is about their knowledge and skills.

She uses a variety of learning methods in her teaching to keep her students engaged and interested. Such methods include holding debates, small group work, robust discussions, lectures, and group facilitation by students.

Many of her students have experienced life challenges. To help them be job-ready, she makes decisions driven by their needs and perspectives. Wendy is passionate about developing and expanding community services and aims to inspire her students to have a positive impact on other people’s lives.