South Australia

Farm Machinery and Vehicle dealer Wickham Flower has long been a stalwart in South Australia.

The company was started in 1931 by Mr Wickham Flower as a general agency for wool, grain, fertilizer, oil, insurance, land sales, and farm machinery.

Today, Wickham Flower sells and services Mazda and Nissan light vehicles, as well as John Deere and other agriculture equipment and machinery. It employs 90 staff across five regional locations.

Wickham Flower adopts a people-centred approach to building its business. It invests in employee training and development and works with providers to develop training plans to support their development.

The selection of electives available to staff is aligned with existing workforce requirements and the strategic direction of Wickham Flower. Learning is tailored to the employee’s role, abilities and goals. Methods of delivery are adapted to each individual’s preferred learning style.

In the past twelve months, 45 per cent of the Wickham Flower workforce were engaged in accredited training.