In 2012, I began my journey of nursing as an Enrolled Nurse.  Whilst working as an EN, I continuously strive to further my skills and knowledge to challenge myself and contribute to the Australian Health Care system.  I have continued to progress in my career and training pathway by undertaking my Bachelor of Nursing which reminded me of my passion to learn and grow personally and professionally as a health care professional.

Recently, I was successful being selected to participate in an International Placement experience in rural India.  The program offered a scholarship to volunteer nursing in India for two weeks.  

The program enabled me to observe nursing at a deeper level of realities and understand current health issues in India.  During my experiences in India, I gained further insight to cultural differences and health care delivery.  I participated in a variety of opportunities such as working alongside nurses and doctors in hospital settings, travelling with a Mobile Health Clinic Van through areas of rural India to poor communities, observed surgeries, provided support and education to children about their health and so much more.  During my stay, I had exposure to the true experiences of what local’s bear every day such as living in basic accommodation, regular power outages, cold showers, being a sardine on the train and walking long distances daily to access public transport in the middle of monsoon season.  In Australia, I think we sometimes take for granted what we have readily available to us and whilst some of these experiences were challenging in India at times, I believe it made this opportunity so much more exciting and action-packed.

This program has encouraged me to participate in more volunteer international nursing opportunities to try give back to more communities and help support health care strengthening and education at an international level.

Megan was the ACT Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year finalist in the 2010 Australian Training Awards. Megan is an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador and VET Alumni member.