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Rebecca (Bec) Hudson’s advice to anyone considering VET as a pathway to upskill and reskill is to, “JUST DO IT! Put your doubts aside, be open to learning and give it your all! Trust me, you won’t look back.”

As the 2019 Trainee of the Year Finalist and member of the Australian VET Alumni, Bec took the leap into reskilling with VET and hasn’t looked back. We spoke with Bec about her experience in VET, the Australian Training Awards and working in the mining industry.


Bec previously worked as a Resource Manager within a labour hire company, placing personnel into skilled trade operation roles. During her tenure, Bec conducted many interviews, getting to know individuals and placing them in respective roles that aligned with their passions. This was an eye opener for Bec, inspiring her to pursue a career in a skilled trade through a VET pathway. 

“They all seemed quite proud of the work they did. I especially admired the teamwork and comradery of the [mining] industry, plus they were well paid,” Bec said. 

“They inspired me to move out of an office role to seek the same job satisfaction.”

Bec moved into a role as a Water Jetter, where she heard that her workplace was looking for a female to commence a mobile crane operating traineeship. Not one to miss an opportunity, Bec went on to complete a Certificate III in Mobile Crane Operations and began working in the mining industry as a hands-on Crane Operator. 

Her VET study not only allowed her to move into the industry but opened doors to the Australian Training Awards and her role as an Australian VET Alumni.


Since 2019, Bec hasn’t stopped upskilling! She has worked her way up, to the role of Shift Manager, overseeing wharf operations at ports and working with international shipping companies. Bec credits her growth to where it all started in her traineeship: “I wouldn’t be able to do this role without the knowledge I gained from my crane traineeship,” Bec said. 

In addition to being trained in skidsteers, elevating work platforms and telehandlers, Bec has engaged a life coach to help her become stronger in her people management skills. Bec has a particular interest in learning how to manage people exposed to trauma who are rehabilitating with return-to-work programs. 

Australian VET Alumni

As an Australian VET Alumni, Bec has been exposed to different opportunities and learnt of the broad variety of career pathways and roles available through VET. Bec has been invited back to the Australian Training Awards Ambassador Week twice, as both a mentor and keynote speaker. 

“I absolutely love attending these events as there are so many inspirational people involved in the awards week, from the organisers through to the finalists in the running for the big awards,” Bec said.


What does the future have in store for Bec? For now, she’s thoroughly enjoying her position as Shift Manager, and would like to spend more time in the role gaining knowledge and experience to be more versatile and resilient in her working abilities. 

Excitingly, her employer has also seen the experience she has gained from being an Australian VET Alumni and would like to look into recognising growth in their people and establishing support networks.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Bec!  

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