2014 National Leadership Award

The National Leadership Award recognises eligible individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership in vocational education and training (VET) resulting in improved outcomes for the sector at both a local and national level. From 2015, the award will transition to the National Achievement Award.

Michelle Weaver is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Velg Training. Together with the help of her dedicated team, Michelle has grown Velg Training into Australia’s leading provider of VET professional development and consulting services with a membership program consisting of 9300 members and over 20 000 subscribers. In November 2014, Michelle was rewarded for her leadership skills in vocational education and training by receiving the inaugural National Leadership Award.

"To receive the National Leadership Award is a significant personal achievement but also acknowledges the role that Velg Training has provided to the VET sector over the past 11 years," Michelle said.

"The Australian Training Awards allow the sector to celebrate every spectrum of skills and training within our country, encapsulating the depth and breadth of so many deserving applicants."

A former teacher, Michelle recognised a need for VET providers to have access to information that is current, accurate and timely. Velg’s members, and the broader VET sector, are able to access such information through Velg’s website, newsletter, magazines, conferences, social media and webinars. Resources are available through the website’s Members’ Lounge.

Michelle provides work experience to event management students, offering opportunities to be involved in the hosting of national conferences. She also supports schools through the Queensland School Mentoring Program.

"I believe the best part of my own individual journey throughout my career has been to surround myself with truly inspirational people that share the same vision and values of this company which continues to make a lasting impact in the sector," said Michelle.