What is a VET Ambassador?

VET ambassadors exemplify passion and drive and show initiative in their chosen field of work and study. They display leadership, explore alternate training and career paths and promote their industry and VET pathways.

VET ambassadors set an example and act as an advocate for their industry and VET training. They share their journey with others, encourage others to pursue their passions and are engaging and professional.

VET ambassadors are a genuine and authentic connection to those who are curious about VET. How you tell your story can bring a new perspective to those people.


Below are some examples of the qualities you may display as a VET ambassador. Being an ambassador does not require you to display all of the below qualities and you may act as an ambassador in unique ways not listed.

  • Taking on leadership or advocacy roles at school, work or in your personal life
  • Taking initiative to identify opportunities to help others or promote VET pathways
  • Being knowledgeable and interested in the future of your industry and the VET sector
  • Participating in community activities
  • Sharing your story with others
  • Connecting with a diverse range of people
  • Being genuine and authentic
  • Showing passion and enthusiasm for your industry and the VET sector
  • Being a lifelong learner
  • Inspiring others
  • Being dedicated to VET and career opportunities
  • Ability to communicate effectively through different platforms including speaking and digital and social media
  • Displaying Resilience. Some ambassadors may have had to overcome barriers or difficult situations or undertaken career changes.


Below are some examples of activities you may be involved in as an ambassador to promote your industry and the VET sector. You may also engage in activities not listed below.

  • Engaging in digital and social platforms to promote your industry and the VET sector
  • Integrating VET discussion into your daily activities whether it be with friends or family, at work or anywhere else where you think you can make a difference by sharing your experiences in VET
  • Contacting local newspapers etc to share your story
  • Looking out for opportunities to further personal development
  • Contacting your old school to talk to students
  • Identifying individuals or groups who may benefit from VET and providing information or linking them with resources
  • Discussing your training or teaching experiences with others
  • Encouraging friends and family to pursue a VET qualification and mentoring those already undertaking VET
  • Encouraging friends, family and colleagues to discuss and promote their experiences in VET
  • Speaking to your employer about opportunities for employees to further engage in VET
  • Training with new technology or techniques and sharing your experience with your peers, students or industry

You may also be given the opportunity to act as an ambassador in reactive ways. This may include media opportunities, being invited to speak to students, participating in surveys or attending events.

To view some of our ambassadors visit www.australiantrainingawards.gov.au/resources

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