Disability Training - Employer Award

The Disability Training - Employer Award (formerly known as the Disability Training Initiative Award) recognises employers who demonstrate outstanding outcomes from the provision of nationally recognised training to staff with disability.

Train 2 Learn is a registered training organisation in Victoria providing nationally recognised training in Foundation Skills ,food processing and warehousing for people with a range of disabilities. Through collaboration with TAFEs and private training providers across Victoria, Train 2 Learn’s industry-led, workplace-based learning education programme was awarded the inaugural Disability Training Initiative Award at the Australian Training Awards for its outstanding training practices.

"Train 2 Learn endeavours to ensure every Australian is given the chance to be a part of society. Our passion, determination and willingness to be robust and flexible in an ever changing sphere of education, job services and national policy is the foundation of our organisation," Kevin Hall, Train 2 Learn’s Business Development Manager said. Train 2 Learn works with Australian Apprenticeships Centres and group training organisations to modify workplaces to accommodate students with a range of disabilities, cultivating inclusivity and participation acceptance. More than 300 clients with disability have been supported to return to work.

"Winning this award allows Train 2 Learn to recognise our collaboration with our social enterprise partners Australian Community Logistics, Eastern Food Alliance, Peninsula Food Alliance, Australian Apprenticeships Centres, Disability Employment Service providers, multiple government departments and Group Training Organisations.

"Our collaborative employment programs with these partners have seen 30 per cent of our clients return back to work and cease receiving benefits. Their stories of overcoming intergenerational unemployment because of education and employment are really inspirational," Kevin said.

Train 2 Learn’s youth programme provides career planning transition for clients in Years 9 to 12, and a supported programme is in place for special needs students with complex disabilities in Year 13. This programme has a completion rate of 90 per cent at the Certificate II level and 80 per cent at Certificate III.

Train 2 Learn has created links with education providers in South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales, and is looking at expanding its scope of services.