Large Training Provider of the Year Award

The Large Training Provider of the Year Award recognises a registered training organisation with more than 1500 students that has demonstrated outstanding achievement in all aspects of the delivery of vocational education and training.

VERTO Ltd is a community owned, not-for-profit registered training organisation (RTO) that delivers training and employment services from 27 locations across New South Wales.

Peter Gilchrist, VERTO’s RTO manager, says that winning the Large Training Provider of the Year Award at the 2015 Australian Training Awards is recognition for years of commitment to the VET sector by VERTO’s hardworking staff.

VERTO competed against many diverse RTOs and Peter feels it is a tribute to the VET sector that his organisation, with its focus on helping communities and the disadvantaged, was recognised for its excellence.

“It’s also recognition of the role VET has to play in taking whole communities forward to be productive in Australia’s economic future.”

VERTO’s enrolments include many Indigenous and unemployed clients, as well as those with disability. Peter says VERTO has a recent, additional cohort that makes up 34 per cent of enrolments.

“We’re largely based in rural and regional communities where changes to the economic environment are resulting in first time unemployment for people over 45. We train them for the next phase of their lives.”

VERTO prides itself on its organisation-wide commitment to quality, which is recognised by the national regulator. “That’s important to clients,” says Peter. “We’re a safe buy.”

Peter attributes VERTO’s high completion rates to its passionate and committed staff, expertise in carefully tailoring programs and close connections with a range of industries that provide real work experience opportunities for participants.

Peter says that the Australian Training Awards showcase VET’s important role in the economy of the future. “The Awards also allow us to celebrate those in VET who go the extra mile, and remind us how marvellous the youth of Australia really are.”