Small Employer of the Year

The Small Employer of the Year Award recognises a small enterprise that has achieved excellence in the provision of nationally recognised training to its employees.

Bond Hair Religion epitomises the success that can come to a business that is prepared to invest considerable time and money into training.

An emerging industry leader, the salon has won multiple awards, including most recently the 2016 Australian Training Award for the Small Employer of the Year. Consistent five-star customer reviews, an overflowing appointment book and more than $600 000 worth of advance bookings complete the picture of a business that is doing everything right.

Salon owner Jenni Tarrant’s passionate belief in educating herself and her 11-member team is at the heart of Bond Hair Religion’s success. “Small business owners are pretty stretched for time and money but the Australian Training Award goes to show that if you give priority to the things that are most important to you, success is inevitable. Training is the key to our success and winning this award affirms that belief,” said Jenni.

Jenni’s training covers the whole salon experience from putting a cape on a client through to the latest advances in hairdressing. “Our clients need to know when they come here that they will experience the highest quality from reception, to coffee, to cutting and colouring. We have to ensure juniors can step into seniors’ shoes when they’re ready and that clients will receive the same exceptional level of service whoever looks after them.”

Achieving this standard of excellence has its foundation in the time and commitment Jenni puts in to developing her team to be the best they can be.  “When you hire someone you need to bring them along as people as well as professionals. That is why I invest so much in personal as well as professional development, with tailor-made plans for every individual to develop areas of weakness and build on strengths. I try to find out what people are passionate about and what they want to achieve, and then I look at how that can be channelled through their work in the salon.  Bond Hair Religion is proof positive that a happy employee equals happy clients equals a happy business.”

For Jenni, the Australian Training Award is not just vindication for her beliefs and her methods but also for vocational education and training. “The awards showcase the power of VET and its contribution to learning and the Australian economy. For students and organisations involved in VET there are endless possibilities; Bond Hair Religion is just one example of the creative ways businesses can use VET to achieve great success within and outside of their industry.”