Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year Award


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year Award recognises the achievement of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student who displays a strong understanding and knowledge of the vocational education and training system and demonstrates the relevance of lifelong learning for themselves and their community.

State or territory training award winners of this category are automatically finalists for the Australian Training Awards and will compete at the national level.


To nominate for this award you must win the aligned category at your relevant 2018 state or territory training awards.

The state and territory training awards’ eligibility criteria states that you must:

Selection Process and Key Dates

Selection process and Key Dates
Selection Process Key Dates
Apply through your state and territory training awards Opening and closing dates differ for each state and territory training awards
**Winner of the state/territory aligned category becomes Australian Training Awards finalist N/A
Finalists attend a judging interview during 'Finalist Week' in Sydney 12 - 16 November 2018
The winner and runner-up are announced at the Australian Training Awards presentation dinner event in Sydney NSW. 15 November 2018


This award category requires the applicant to address the following award criteria:

Criterion 1: Career and Study Achievements

Consider things such as:

  • any personal or career gains you have achieved from participating in your studies and your job
  • how you can demonstrate your understanding of the value of learning
  • how you have integrated on-the-job and off-the-job training and what benefits this has held.

Criterion 2: Communication, team and leadership skills

Consider any skills you have developed through your training, such as:

  • effective oral and written communication
  • your level of self-reliance and resilience in times of challenge
  • effective team participation
  • leadership and promotion of your training, industry or other things you are involved in
  • your capacity to be an effective ambassador for your industry, community and Australia.

Criterion 3: Ability to represent the national training system at a broader level

Tell us about:

  • any knowledge or understanding you have gained of new developments and trends in your workplace or industry and the vocational education and training system
  • any messages you might have that could encourage others who are interested in entering your training pathway.

Criterion 4: Other Pursuits

You may wish to include information about:

  • your achievements in areas other than study and work
  • your involvement in the community
  • your awareness of current social, economic and political issues.
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