EQIP Gladstone Incorporated


The purpose of the EQIP collaboration is a one-stop shop to manage the authentic workplace learning programs for State high schools and industry. EQIP creates opportunities for students to develop work-ready skills to support a smoother transition from school to work.

The collaboration goes above and beyond standard practice in training and skills development as the programs are delivered in specialised onsite learning facilities. Programs have been developed in consultation with local business and industry in order to make sure they are aligned to local employment needs. In 2017, EQIP has 236 students undertaking an authentic workplace learning program.

The unique, exemplary and innovative aspect of these programs is that students are immersed into the working world while they complete school-based qualifications. Students are inducted into workplace practices and procedures and develop on-the-job technical and behavioural skills that ensure a smoother transition into the workforce following senior schooling.