Metricon Homes


A collaboration of Metricon, RMIT, Building Leadership Simulation Centre and Master Builders Association

Established in 1976, Metricon’s philosophy was to design and build homes where customers love to live. In recent years, however, with the housing construction industry facing skills shortages, the company faced intense competition and increased customer expectations. Its leadership team recognised opportunities to increase efficiencies and the need to introduce certification programs across the areas of building, customer service, selling and leadership.

Metricon engaged with RMIT as its RTO and the Master Builders Association as a vital member of the program development and delivery team through its Building Leadership Simulation Centre. The purpose of the collaboration was to deliver a building certifications program that makes a real difference and has  a key goal of strengthening site management capabilities. These programs were innovative and targeted at strengthening the core competencies of the business. To date, over 500 Metricon staff have been trained across these programs.