Employer of the Year Award

The Employer of the Year Award recognises a medium to large enterprise that has achieved excellence in the provision of nationally recognised training to its employees.

For 17 years, Crown Melbourne has been a significant driver of tourism within Australia, particularly in Victoria. As a large integrated resort, with over 6500 employees, vocational education and training has been an integral component of its business model since the company’s inception.

In 2013, Crown Melbourne was named the national Employer of the Year for the outstanding nationally recognised training it provides to its employees. Backing up from its success in 2010, this is the second time Crown Melbourne has won the award, and the only time a company has ever won the award more than once.

"It is even more exciting the second time around because it means we have not only continued with our previous success, but actually extended and achieved more," Crown Melbourne’s Executive General Manager, Human Resources, Alicia Gleeson said.

"Crown Melbourne really represents the tourism and hospitality industry - an area that a lot of people have not necessarily seen as a career but sometimes just a job.

"The Australian Training Awards is really important because the awards recognise the fact that learning and development is really important in building skills right across an industry. It is absolutely critical to be able to showcase employers that are trying their best and partnering with other organisations," Alicia said.

Approximately 740 of Crown Melbourne’s 6500 employees are completing nationally accredited qualifications or statements of attainment, with programs delivered by 70 internal trainers as part of its registered training organisation arm, and approximately 35 external facilitators.

Crown Melbourne’s training program is integrated into its overall business, both in the execution of training and in the recognition of its value to the business.