Small Employer of the Year Award

The Small Employer of the Year Award recognises a small enterprise that has achieved excellence in the provision of nationally recognised training to its employees.

Established in1980, Dayshelf Fire Systems is a family built and owned company providing specialist fire protection services to the building industry, covering the commercial industrial and residential sector. In 2013, the company was named the national Small Employer of the Year for its outstanding provision of nationally recognised training to its employees.

"For Dayshelf Fire Systems being named Small Employer of the Year is great recognition for our apprentices and trainees and what they have done for our company," Dayshelf Fire Systems’ Director, Darren Taylor, said.

"I think the Australian Training Awards is important for small business as it recognises the efforts that companies put in - and it has had a massive impact on our company."

Dayshelf Fire Systems understands that training and mentoring is critical to its future. The small company has a dedicated training coordinator and approximately 50 per cent of its employees have been promoted through training. All employees spend on average, eight to 10 hours each fortnight on in-house and associated training.

Training is a standing agenda item at weekly meetings and the company conducts bi-annual interviews with staff.

Its commitment to training is paying huge dividends, with the organisation growing from a husband and wife team working together in 1980, to a company capable of taking on large and complex projects.

"Dayshelf Fire Systems has relied on the young people coming through the business to help the organisation grow and to watch some of these people become senior leaders is really rewarding ," Darren said.

"It has been an amazing journey for a company like ours to have grown to become a leader in fire detection services in Australia."

Three employees have been with Dayshelf Fire Systems for more than 20 years and many have been with the company for more than five years, an indication of their successful approach to training.